Who We Are

Since 1988, Lincoln Partners has taken a sector focused and stage diversified approach to investing in exceptional companies. We invest in seed, early and growth stage companies in the communications, consumer, digital media, healthcare and information technology markets. Highland is almost always the first institutional investor in the companies we back.

Lincoln Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm.  As seed-stage investors, we often provide a company’s first outside capital – and typically invest alongside angel investors.  Our typical initial investment in a company goes  from  $500K to  $2M– but we’ve gone both higher and lower.

We’re not afraid of investing in pre-revenue companies, and we understand the challenges of launching a new product. That’s why we like to take an active role in the companies we invest in.

Time is a priceless resource for every entrepreneur, so we try not to waste it. We operate as an entrepreneurial shop and make quick decisions: no investment committees, no months of negotiations. When we invest, we usually decide in days.

Lincoln Partners invests nationally and has offices in

Our History

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What we look for

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Our Work Team

  • Steve Temes - Lincoln Partners
    Stephen Temes
    Is the founder and managing director of Lincoln Partners, LLC, ...
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    Patrick Pool
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    John McCoist
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    Jessica Priston
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    Sam Kromstain
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    John Franklin
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